domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Las Nanis de Nani y la melancólica muerte del chico ostra (Tim Burton).


To avoid a law suit,
we'll just call her Sue (or "that girl who likes to sniff lots of glue"). The reason I know that this is the case is when she blow her nose, kleenex sticks to her face.

Voodoo Girl

Her skin is white cloth, 
And she's all sewn apart
And she has many colored pins
Sticking out of her heart.
She has a beautiful set
of hypno-disk eyes,
the ones that she uses
to hypnotize guys.
She has many different zombies
Who are deeply in her trance.
She even has a zombie
who was originally from France.
But she knows she has a curse on her

For if someone gets
Too close to her,
The pins stick farther in.

Stain Boy

Of all the super heroes,
the strangest one by far,doesn't have a special power,or drive a fancy car.
Next to Superman and batman, I guess he must seem tame.
But to me he is quite special, and Stain Boy is his name.
He can't fly around tall buildings,
or outrun a speeding train, the only talent he seems to haveis to leave a nasty stain.
Sometimes I know it bothers him,
that he can't run or swim or fly, and because of this one ability, his dry cleaning bill is sky-high.

Las Nanis de Nani en

A curse she cannot win.

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